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Employee Wellness

As we strive to achieve the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit's Mission and Standards of Excellence, we recognize that employees perform their very best when they are healthy.  Busy lifestyles and the demands of work can make it seem impossible to find time to take care of ourselves.  Yet, if we don't make our own health a priority, we can't realize our full potential as individuals, family members, or employees.  The WIU Wellness Program offers resources and initiatives that can help increase awareness on a variety of wellness topics and instill healthy habits in each of us.  The goal of the program is to foster a work environment that promotes productivity and collaboration, empowers employees, and enables us to reach our goals as premier service providers.
If you have any questions about WIU Wellness Initiatives or the WIU Wellness Program, contact a member of the Wellness Committee listed below:


Cindy Camaione

Human Resources Administrator

(724) 219-2339

[email protected]


Suzanne Miceli

Accounts Receivable & Benefits Specialist

(724) 836-2460 x2255

[email protected]

Jennie Moore

Payroll Secretary

(724) 219-2355

[email protected]


David Regula

Information Support Specialist

(724) 219-2350

[email protected]


Charlene Welshons

Human Resources Confidential Assistant

(724) 836-2460 x2263

[email protected]