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Workplace Safety

The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit was the first Intermediate Unit in the state to have a certified Workplace Safety Committee.  A fact we are very proud of.  The purpose of the WIU Workplace Safety Committee is to develop and maintain positive attitudes and awareness regarding safety and health.  The committee serves as an open forum for discussion of topics and issues relevant to the safety and health of all employees. 
The committee is made up of management and bargaining unit employees from various classifications throughout the intermediate unit. The committee meets monthly to discuss issues relevant to employee safety and develop practices to assure that our employees perform their job tasks in a safe manner.   All accident reports from the previous month are reviewed and suggestions for injury prevention/avoidance are discussed and implemented wherever possible.  Committee members serve three year terms.  The committee members are:
Jennifer Biss
Roanne Bush
Dr. Jason Conway
Mary Evans
John Loughner
Jennie Moore
Dee Petrie
Nathan Reed
Christie Ridenour*
Sue Soltis
Dr. Matthew Thomas
Charlene Welshons
* Chairperson