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WIU eServices

The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit provides web programming and custom application development.  We have developed a suite of applications which utilize a unified login system.  This approach allows all applications to be conveniently accessed using a Single Sign-on solution.
Fraud Check
On August 15, 2011, the PA Department of Public Welfare issued a bulletin requiring all Medicaid providers to do monthly exclusion checks.
The Fraud Check application is designed to simplify and automate these mandated fraud exclusion checks.  Data from three on-line sources is obtained nightly and is consolidated into one easy-to-search database.
Online Forms
The Online Forms application is used to electronically sign, submit, and manage electronic forms and can include other documents.
Retire Tracker
The Retire Tracker application was designed to facilitate management of retiree insurance costs and payments.
Salary Survey
The Salary Survey site allows business administrators and other authorized personnel to view, modify, and compare detailed statistics about salaries from each of our districts.
Secure Docs
The Secure Docs application was created to allow districts to securely access shared documents.  Currently, this app is used to share Therapy Billing Details, Early Intervention documents, and a repository of Collective Bargaining Agreements, Contracts, and Compensation Plans.
If you have any interest in any of these services or want a web application created for you, please contact Mr. Ian Dunlap, Interim Information Technology Supervisor at 724-219-2346 or email him at [email protected].  We can also set up a demo login account to allow you to test each application to help determine if it will meet the needs of your district.  Any of these applications can be customized to your district's specific requirements.