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2022-2023 Outstanding Paraeducator Award

Donald Sabolcik, a paraeducator at Clairview School in Greensburg, was awarded Westmoreland Intermediate Unit’s (WIU) 2022-2023 Outstanding Paraeducator of the Year Award at the WIU’s October 24 regular board meeting. 

 Matt Thomas, WIU Student Services Director made the presentation and said, “Don is a model paraeducator, embodying dedication, reliability, patience, and positivity. His selfless and cooperative mindset fosters a supportive environment for all. This dedication ensures he can provide the best possible support to the students he serves, benefiting the entire educational community.

 Don is a dedicated team player who consistently goes above and beyond his job description. His positive attitude is infectious, creating an optimistic and motivating learning environment. His upbeat and encouraging demeanor uplifts students and colleagues alike.”

Humbled by the honor, Sabolcik said. “This award means a lot. I want to give a shout-out to Mrs. Farabaugh; John Ruggieri; and the Personal Care Assistants, Russell, Kat, and Billie Joe. We work as a team and support each other.”

Sabolcik shared that he left another career to become a paraeducator after experiencing the success of his son who received early intervention services as a student at Clairview School.    

“Our son, J.W., would not be where he is without the early intervention services he received at Clairview School. He’s now a sophomore at Greensburg Salem and is a fully integrated, straight-A student.

“That’s what inspired me to become a paraeducator. I’m very grateful for this award and for the opportunity to be part of the team,” he said.

Pictured left to right: Dr. Jason Conway (WIU Executive Director); Mr. Don Sabolcik (Outstanding Paraeducator Award Recipient): and Mr. Dallas Leonard (WIU Board President).