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Mission Statement:  The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Foundation, Inc. supports communication, encourages interaction, and allocates resources between the community and/or private sector and the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit for the purpose of promoting and enhancing opportunities for students and educators throughout Westmoreland County.
The mission of the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Foundation is to provide supplemental support to students, teachers, and educational programs throughout Westmoreland County.  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization intended to create a more cohesive partnership between the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit and the community it serves.  While the WIU Foundation's primary goal will be to secure revenues from private sources to be used for educational projects its mission will include:
  • The development of relationships between the schools and the business community:
  • The generation of increased community awareness and involvement; and
  • Collaboration between schools and area corporations/professionals on specific projects.
The three goals - to raise funds, to develop resources, and to generate public awareness - are reliant upon one another.
The WIU Foundation will seek support - financial or in-kind - to implement programs or purchase equipment that could not or should not be supported with public dollars.  It will also provide a vehicle to organize, conduct, and fund special events and community-oriented activities that serve to promote and enhance the WIU for the benefit of those school districts and students whom we serve.
Funding will be pursued for both the implementation of innovative new programs for students as well as enhancement of existing programs.  They may entail:
  • Funding of teacher's classroom projects:
  • Procurement (by donation or purchase) of equipment not available through regular revenue streams;
  • Scholarships to teachers pursuing advanced training;
  • Securing corporate professionals to work with IU educators and staff;
  • Scholarships for students pursuing degrees in special education; and
  • Other activities beneficial to the children we serve.
The WIU Foundation will offer flexibility in what can be funded, allowing educators and administrators to be more creative in student programming, increasing the potential for higher quality and innovative educational programs.
Separate of the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit, the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Foundation, Inc. is a volunteer-driven nonprofit entity to enrich the educational experience for students, particularly those with special needs, throughout Westmoreland County.  The WIU Foundation supports communication, encourages interactions, and allocates resources from the community and/or private sector for the purpose of promoting and enhancing opportunities for both students and educators.  Funding is targeted to assist with creative projects that cultivate the opportunities available to those students and to increase the efficiency of their teachers.
The WIU Foundation relies upon the generosity of the community to supplement funding through cash contributions, memorials, donations of products or services, and participation in fundraising events.  Since the organization is registered as a 501(c)(3) agency, most gifts are fully tax-deductible.
Current members of the WIU Foundation Board of Directors are:
  • Luann Murtha, President - WIU Teacher
  • Sharon Rupert, Vice President - retired WIU Supervisor
  • Lynne Leu, Treasurer - retired WIU Financial Services Director
  • Adam Zawalsh, Secretary - WIU Teacher
  • Dr. Jason Conway - WIU Executive Director
  • Roberta Cook - Community
  • Mary Dreliszak - WIU Marketing & Communications Specialist
  • Laurette Eades - Aflac
  • Michael Fleming - Aflac
  • Tammy Good - WIU Financial Services Director 
  • Stu Hartman - Aflac
  • Linda Leghart - Community
  • Dr. Rebecca McGee - Principal, Clairview School
  • Angela Moffat - First Commonwealth Bank
  • Janice Niemiec - Community
  • Terri Pajak - WIU Classroom Assistant
  • Sarah Parfitt - Community
  • Sarah Roberts - WIU Human Resources Administrator
  • Kayla Tamer - Community
  • Dr. Matt Thomas - WIU Student Services Director
  • Sarah Yurga - Community
  • Donations
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Monetary Donation - WIU Foundation Giving Form
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  • Fundraising Events
Please keep checking our Upcoming Events section for Events/Dates
Annual WIU Foundation Spring BINGO Bash - held each Spring at Rizzo's Banquet Center, Crabtree, PA
Spring Bingo 1Spring Bingo 2Spring Bingo 3
Spring Bingo 4
Calling All Artists.....The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Foundation sponsors the yearly Champion of the Arts Show/Competition held each Spring.  All students in grades K-12 throughout Westmoreland County with a disability are invited to exhibit their artwork for the exhibit.  Each year has a theme for the artists.  Please check Upcoming Events for dates/deadlines.
Champion of Arts 1Champion of Arts 2Champion of Arts 3
The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Foundation sponsors a yearly Holiday Dance held at Clairview School each December.  Students in grades 1-12 throughout Westmoreland County are invited.
Impact Grants are a program initiative of the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization that supports communication, encourages interaction, and allocates resources from the community and private sector to promote and enhance educational opportunities for students and educators throughout Westmoreland County.
Grants of up $1,000 are available to educators in district-operated and WIU-operated classrooms throughout Westmoreland County. They are not limited to special education services, although the inclusion of special education students will be considered a plus.  Proposals will be accepted bi-annually—spring applications for implementation in the fall semester and fall applications for the spring semester.
Variety The Children's Charity
Helping Kids, Be Kids.  Variety enables children with disabilities to live life to the fullest with a focus on mobility, communication, and social inclusion.
Variety is an amazing organization started in Pittsburgh.  The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Foundation wants to help find children for their awesome program.  Variety is striving to identify and serve EVERY single eligible child that could benefit from an adaptive bike, adaptive stroller, and/or communication device.  Please contact the WIU Foundation, we can get an application to you and help you to complete, if needed.
Variety Charity 2Variety Charity 2Variety Charity 3