Fred Rogers Room

2020-2021 Annie Sullivan Award

Mr. Beard coordinates student and staff for annual basketball games.  He is also our Special Olympics coordinator for the Clairview School.
Jeff is always open to suggestions to improve his adaptive physical education classes.  For example, he received a grant from the University of Pitt for a sound system for the gym.  This innovation allows for music to be played both during physical education classes and lunch.  He also has added yoga to the school curriculum to help students develop another strategy to remain in control.
Recently, Mr. Beard served as a guest speaker for a local Girl Scouts group, presenting his approaches to adaptive physical education.  He is also working with a graduate student from Saint Vincent College to create an adaptive physical education curriculum that would allow a physical education major to specialize in adaptive PE practices.
Jeff is a big proponent of Special Olympics.  He actively seeks out students to participate and strongly encourages families to support the efforts of our Clairview students.  Mr. Beard also works with the YMCA in Greensburg to coordinate a swim program for Clairview students.
The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Board of Directors, Administrative Team, and colleagues congratulate Jeff Beard on this outstanding accomplishment!