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WIU Joint Purchasing Consortium

The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Joint Purchasing Consortium provides an opportunity for the public schools in Westmoreland County to secure better pricing on purchases through aggregated quantities.  The Consortium is directed by a board comprised of a representative from each participating school entity, which includes school districts, career and technology centers (CTCs), and the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit (WIU).  The WIU Joint Purchasing Coordinator facilitates the bidding.
Presently, the WIU Joint Purchasing (JP) program bids for multi-purpose paper as well as diesel fuel and gasoline.
For Information
Questions or requests for more information on either bid program should be directed to the WIU Joint Purchasing Consortium, 102 Equity Drive, Greensburg PA  15601-7190 or contact Tammy Good, the WIU Joint Purchasing Coordinator, at 724-836-2460 or via email to [email protected].   Thank you for your interest.