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Program Description
The WIU Work Discovery Program is a transition program designed to help students with IEP's explore and experience working in a community setting, under the supervision of a job coach. Small groups of 3-5 students attend one of our 34 community sites, located near their school, within Westmoreland County.  These community partners encourage the students to learn and practice marketable job skills, along with the social skills and professionalism needed to acquire and maintain employment after graduation.
Students gain experience in:
  • Consumer/Service
  • Assembly/Industrial
  • Landscaping/Outdoor Maintenance
  • Warehouse/Stocking
  • Child care/Education
  • Housekeeping
  • Processing
  • Retail
  • Dietary
Please click on any icon below to learn more about our partners.
American Architectural Salvage Bethel Nursery School Busy Beaver Christian Layman
Christners Farm Market Clairview School Excela Health Greensburg Hempfield Public Library
Habitat for Humanity Restore Harmon House Holiday Inn Express Humane Society of Westmoreland County
iHop Restaurant Laurelville Courtyard Marriott Marshalls
Namsco Plastic Industries Pressley Ridge Quality Life Services RKR Farm
Roses Saint Anne Home Saint Emma Monastery Saint Vincent de Paul
The Salvation Army Save a Lot Scottdale Public Library TJMaxx
Vallozzi's Restaurant Westmoreland County Housing Authority Westmoreland Casemanagement & Supports Inc. Westmoreland County Food Bank
YMCA Yumzio Bistro    
Students usually attend the program one to five days a week for either a half-day or a full-day, for the entire school year. An evaluation of the student's job performance, professionalism and social skills is completed on a daily basis and reviewed with the student and shared with his/her teacher.
  • To assess the physical and mental requirements for work readiness in a community setting
  • To offer training on specific job tasks
  • To offer training on interpersonal skills necessary for job retention
  • To experience the work environment directly with supported instruction
  • To broaden the knowledge and skills of students for increased vocational independence
  • Students must be 16 years of age when they start the program
  • Students must have an IEP
  • Students must be able to communicate with their job coach and partner site personnel and be able to understand directions given
  • Students must be ambulatory
  • Students must be able to function independently or have a personal care assistant accompany them
  • Because this is a voluntary program
    • Students must be willing participants
    • Students and parents must complete all documents
    • Students and parents must agree to program and work site rules and regulations
We will be adding the PAES lab as one of our assessment tools.  Click here to learn more about it
Referrals can only be made by the student's teacher.  Click here for the referral form and return the completed form to one of the following individuals:
Central Westmoreland County Northern Westmoreland County
Mary Petrina, Lyn Marchwinski,
724-219-2358 724-219-2387
  Southern Westmoreland County
  Heidi Miller,
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