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Telepresence Lending Library

Program Description
WIU Telepresence Lending LibraryOhmni and Double 3 Robots
The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit Assistive Technology Team received a grant to establish a Telepresence Lending Library for our districts and educational partners. This new program provides access to current telepresence technology while also supporting teams with necessary technical support and professional development.
What is Telepresence?
Telepresence is the human experience of being fully present at a live real-world location remote from one's own physical location. Within education, telepresence robots allow students to attend class, even when they cannot physically be there.
Who may benefit?
Any student who is unable to physically attend school may benefit from telepresence. Remote telepresence technology is available to help fill gaps in academics and social-emotional development for homebound students. The technology that the WIU has available for districts will enable students with medical conditions or other extended absences to remain connected to their classroom and continue their education uninterrupted. This technology will not only help these children avoid falling behind in their studies, but will help them overcome isolation from their classmates and teachers.
For Additional Information/To Make a Request
If you would like to initiate a request for a robot via the WIU Telepresence Lending Library, click Submit a Request below, and you will be directed to a Google Form. Please fill out the boxes, and a team member will contact you after review of the information.
For additional information without submitting a request, please contact:
Candice Hite, M.A., CCC-SLP
Assistive Technology Specialist
Sarah Wagner, M.S., OTR/L
Educational Consultant, Assistive Technology
A telepresence robot made in the United States with commitment to protect student privacy. This robot stands 4'8" tall, weighs only 20 pounds, and folds for easy transport. It features a HD wide angle camera and a far-field mic and speaker to be heard clearly from across the room. It has a stable driving base with quiet and smooth motion on any surface. To learn more about this robot in education, visit their website:  OhmniLabs for Education.
Ohmni Telepresence Robot
Double 3
A telepresence robot built in the United States that features self-driving technology to help you to avoid obstacles and reach your destination without fear of bumping into people or walls. This robot "grows" from 47" to 60" to simulate sitting and standing and to accommodate smaller-sized children. The two 13-megapixel cameras provide wide field of view and multiple levels of zoom. To learn more about the features of this robot, visit their website:  Double Robotics.
Double 3 Robot
The first telepresence robot available at the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit prior to the receiving the Telepresence Grant. This robot features a ten inch, high quality LCD display, forward-facing and navigation cameras, and a durable body with a low center-of-gravity for stability and control. To learn more about Beam by Suitable Technologies, visit their website:  Suitabletech.
Beam Robot